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MOSO® stainless steel stair angle edges

For concrete stairs requiring long-term stable and corrosion-free angle edges with anti-slip protection.

A visually pleasing satin matt finish is created through subsequent blasting of the visible edges with fine stainless steel granules.


  • Durable and extremely robust protection of concrete edges with high quality stainless steel
  • A visually pleasing surface thanks to sanding or glass bead blasting
  • A stud plate or milled toothing provide the edges with anti-slip protection


Profile length up to 6000 mm
Profile thickness up to 20 mm
Profile design welded, bevelled or rolled
Anchor design shear studs, corrugated flat steel, ribbed bars
Nail holes according to customer requirements, d = 4 or 5 mm


  • To stabilize in-situ concrete or prefabricated concrete edges
  • On precast stairs as step with anti-slip protection R11 (acc. to test certificate)
  • As a bumper for pillars and building corners


The stainless steel angle dimensions of 40/40/4 mm are standard. The anchors are also made of stainless steel. We manufacture fixed lengths according to your specifications.

The angles have 3 anchor points per meter. The flat steel anchors sit in pairs as an anchor point and their use is preferable in cases where the stair reinforcement complicates installation.



By interest and for a surcharge you can also order a beveled edge (see slider fig. 2).

The test certificate according to DIN 51130 for slip resistance R11 is available on request.

Nail holes d = 4 or 5 mm possible. If nail holes are required, please specify when ordering.

Item no. Ordering code Version Length max.
715619 STUFTYP1 VA rolled angle, bolt anchor 6/35 mm, alternating on the inner shaft sides 6000 mm
715620 STUFTYP2 VA rolled angle, flat anchor 20/2 … 80 mm, parallel to the inner shaft sides 6000 mm
7156191 STUFTYP4 VA folded angle SE - TBA R12 bolt anchor 6 x 35 unilateral 3000 mm
Stair angle edges
Stair angle edges
Type 4
Stair angle edges Typ 4
Type 1
Stair angle edges Typ 1
Type 2
Stair angle edges Typ 2