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We manufacture your requirements for channels, strips or claddings made of stainless steel, be that for optical cover, mechanical or chemical protection, for clamping or fitting as guide elements.

Do you also need plugs, screws, riveted or bonded fixing elements? No problem! We are authorized dealers for renowned plug and screw manufacturers. We also fulfill special wishes for stainless steel connecting parts.

Our production has equipment for punching holes in series, flow drilling (for collared holes), spot welding, plasma arc welding, stud welding or rivet setting (also riveting nuts). Sheet blank cuts and profiles should have no sharp edges. In addition to the sanding processes, our machines can also undertake deburring. The problem of scratching the remaining surface does not arise. Deburring with a protective foil is also possible.


  • Clean deburring with precise holes in an exact hole pattern thanks to laser and water jet cutting
  • As a wholesaler, we can also supply the appropriate plugs or screws for mounting
  • Surface treatment such as glass bead blasting, sanding or staining makes rolled profiles with individual embossing/labeling possible.


Angle, U, Z or flat profile folded, rolled, welded
with gridding perforated plate or lasered/water jet cut
with anti-slip protection as checker/stud plate


  • As expansion joints for in-situ concrete
  • In connection joints of precast concrete
  • As optical cover plates for masonry and walls
  • For dirt and dust covers
  • As heavy drive over covers in the ground
  • For vermin protection of gaps and cavities