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New materials are needed …

… because the familiar austenitic steels, such as 1.4301, 1.4541, 1.4404, 1.4401, 1.4571, 1.4539, 1.4529 have, unfortunately, become very expensive once again! The reason is the high percentage of nickel and molybdenum content for some grades. Both alloying elements are traded on the stock exchange "London Metal Exchange" (LME). This means there is a lot of speculation without any real correlation to market demand.

Talk to our stainless steel experts. We can tell you which alternative materials are available on the market and which materials  come into question for the corrosion resistance classes I - IV. The duplex steels are a particularly inexpensive alternative. Not necessarily the standard duplex material 1.4462, but rather the lean duplex stainless steels 1.4062, 1.4482, 1.4162, 1.4362 or the super duplex steel 1.4410 for high corrosion resistance.


  • Very precise construction component production thanks to our own high precision cutting systems such as laser and water jet cutting
  • Very precise brake press with laser scanning in order to improve angular accuracy during forming
  • Particularly frameworks and racks call for high manufacturing accuracy. Assembly with the necessary angular accuracy and dimensional tolerance can only be achieved with high precision blank cuts and profiles. Our qualified specialists for joining technology and assembly are happy to help.


  • Profile joints can be mitre cut or set together at right angles
  • Framework and frame sizes up to 2350 (H) x 2400 (W) x 12000 (L) mm are possible with normal HGV traffic; dimensions to 2800 (H) x 3000 (W) x 12000 (L) mm are transported on special trailers with a transport permit.
Unit weight max. 5 t
Sheet thicknesses up to 10 mm and more


  • We produce the appropriate hinges or install standard purchase hinges for frameworks or racks.
  • As a leading wholesaler, we also supply plugs or screws, or weld the appropriate anchor for embedment.
  • Our various surface processing facilities, pickling, abrasive blasting, sanding, barrel-polishing allow a perfect finish for your product
  • A variety of forming machines (edging, rounding, bending, stamping, etc.) bring your products into shape
  • We can produce suitable claddings and covers (laser, water jet cutting) and weld these accurately.