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Ti (titanium), N (niobium) improve weldability
C (carbon) increases hardness, tensile strength, brittleness, from 0.3% upwards steel is curable, reduces corrosion resisting qualities and weldability
(Chromium) most important component of stainless steels, increases corrosion resisting qualities and wear resistance
Ni (nickel) increases toughness, from 8% corrosion resistance upwards, austenite creator
Cu (copper) raises toughness
Mn (manganese) increases tensile strength, austenite creator
Mo (molybdenum) increases corrosion resisting qualities, worsens duplex steel toughness "lowers temperature stability" sigma phase
N (nitrogen) increases tensile strength and corrosion resisting qualities
Si (silicon) improves scaling resistance and at higher levels the corrosion resisting qualities, e.g. against highly concentrated nitric acid
P (phosphorus), (sulfur) improves machining properties, worsens weldability and corrosion resisting qualities