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Your advantages

You receive heavy duty fixing constructions, which are not verifiable by calculation with official approval by the German Institute for Building Technology in Berlin.

Together with our own engineering office for structural design, we can provide auditable static calculations, on request, for all existing fixing situations. We have a total of 20 experienced engineers for façade planning and design.

We have extensive expertise in manufacturing. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Busch is the welding engineer who monitors welding approvals and process testing. Auditor and production manager, Vitalij Pfeifer, utilizes processing such as laser cutting up to 6 KW, water jet cutting up to 6500 bar, folding up to 800 tonnes compressive force and glass bead blasting the surface for the most modern production plants.

Contact Product tests and approvals

Your advantages

  • A high level of quality and tested safety are features of our products. You shouldn’t be satisfied with less for stainless steel!
  • We are optimally equipped for manufacturing and, in particular, joining technology
  • The introduction of new production techniques and continuous training of employees is a constant for us
  • We are actively engaged in numerous research projects for the Federal Institute for Materials Research (BAM, Berlin) and various universities



Your advantages

  • In addition to the static arithmetical verification, product approvals in individual cases are possible for special mounting constructions.
  • The building approvals are monitored by official testing agencies (Materials Testing Offices [MPAs] or Welding, Teaching and Research Institutes [SLV's]). In Germany, unlike in many other countries, this ensures permanent neutral monitoring of products requiring particularly high standards of safety.
  • In addition to product approvals, we have different types tests in the field of masonry support.

European Technical Assessment ETA-13/024

  • Generic type: MOSO® MBA-CE Anchor Channels (european assessment)
  • Term of validity: illimitable