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Your advantages

We are a genuine service company!

For us, service means to offer our customers full technical support, a high degree of production flexibility and the shortest delivery periods possible.

For this Purpose, our production posesses very diverse plants and machine types with a wide range of applications. This makes it possible for us to carry out most operations for small and medium-sized production series in-house. As a wholesale and foreign trade company, we have good contact to foreign partners and are able to import large quantities at low-cost.

Competence and quality are more than just words to us!

Thanks to special staff and very efficient production facilities, we fulfill individual product wishes and delivery dates which would otherwise be difficult to obtain in this field.

In order to make this possible teamwork in small project groups is given particular support.
Thus, the customer always has a competent contact person.

Our weld engineering und material specialist Professor Dr. Wolf-Berend Busch, together with our manager Vitalij Pfeifer, take care of the quality of products produced. A proprietary laboratory for X-ray fluorescence spectroscopies, strength tests, surface roughness tests, leak testing and even radiation tests is available for precise supervision. In addition, radiographic, ultrasonic, electron microscopy and corrosion technical studies are often carried out in the university laboratory of Prof. Dr. Busch.

Research and development constantly take place!

Together with the Federal Institute for Materials Research (BAM) in Berlin and various other test institutes we develop cost-effective, high-performance fixings for our customers.

This begins with the launch of the construction of new stainless steels, such as the lean duplex stainless steel materials 1.4062, 1.4162, 1.4362 or 1.4482, and continues up to the programming of new planning and calculation programmes, for example, for supporting structures or heat resistance characteristics of stainless steel fixings and insulation materials in the façade.